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Web Applications

A web application is a solution tailored to your operation. It could be customer sign-up and management, order processing and fulfillment or capturing RFQ's and building an interface for managing the queue of quotes.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a way of carefully planning the format of your site to respond to the device it is being viewed upon. This creates an immersive experience to engage your audience and allows them to focus on your content.

Web Analytics & SEO

Making your site more search engine friendly and making decisions based on data is the most important change you can make. The majority of traffic comes thru this channel and it is important to be as efficient as you can to stay competitive.

Dynamic Photo & Video Galleries

Many creative media professionals desire a custom website to showcase their beautiful work. I pull media from Vimeo, YouTube and others in real-time to create a customized showcase.

Custom Sites & Content Management

Many clients like to have the flexibility of updating and editing their own website. In this scenario, I recommend a Content Management System which is usually Wordpress.

Business Photography & Virtual Tours

Your website or business listing on Google Maps may be your first impression with the customer. Make sure your putting your best face forward and have professional photos of your store, product or location.


Complicated Things, Made Easy

My blog is intended to be a stream of various hobbies of mine, especially things related to culinary arts and photography. As with many things, this is a work-in-progress and will continue to change.

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About Me

I am an Indianapolis based developer who has over 15 years experience delivering web & application solutions. I graduated from Purdue University with a concentration in Industrial Technology / Distribution as well as Computer Technology. I have experience in websites ranging in all sizes: from a simple artists gallery to a complete E-Commerce store. I take pride in tailoring the solution to meet the clients needs as well as providing a quick and efficient solution.


I have been writing code since 5th grade, it has always fascinated me and I still get excited as I create new solutions.


If I could just do one thing everyday it would be to travel and take photographs of interesting places around the world.
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Board Games

I am very competitive and like to play a variety of board games to exercise my mind.
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Everybody has to eat right? I enjoy trying new recipes and learning new techniques from books and videos.
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