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Sous Vide Egg Bites

No more excuses for skipping breakfast during the workweek, these portable (Starbucks Inspired) egg bites are very rich and have a wonderful texture. Customize and change-up your toppings to add variety every day.


  • 300g Eggs (6 Large)
  • 150g Milk or Heavy Cream (~ 2/3rds cup)
  • 150g Cottage Cheese (~2/3rds cup)
  • Kosher Salt
  • Black Pepper


  1. Preheat water bath to 185°F, use a container that can hold 6 – 4 ounce jars.
  2. Combine eggs, milk, cottage cheese and a few pinches of salt and blend until smooth, about 30 seconds.
  3. Pour contents of blender jar into 4 ounce ball jars, there should be some space on top.
  4. Place the lid on top of the jar, then twist the band to tighten using just your fingertips. When you begin to feel resistance, twist once in the opposite direction to loosen, then once more in the original direction to tighten.
  5. Submerge in water and cool for 25 minutes at 185°F.
  6. After 25 minutes, remove and let cool slightly before storing the in fridge for up to a week.
  7. When eating later from the fridge, remove lid and microwave for about 30-40 seconds for the 4 ounce jar.


While these are really rich and creamy plain, adding some toppings will mix it up and take it to the next level. Cook items the same as before and then add these on top before/after the microwave. And it always is worth scouring the net to get the best recipes to make toppings and casings for food. This also includes that which you cannot resist — sausage casings! Get to know all about them here . But let’s get back to some ideas we can implement for toppings:

  • Bacon and Chives
  • Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Mozzarella and a light drizzle of oil
  • Ground Sausage and Cheddar Cheese
  • Spinach and Mushroom
  • Ham and Onion
  • Broccoli and Cheese
  • Potatoes and Sausage

Source: Chef Steps

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